About Sarah Setterfield
Sarah Setterfield

Personal Marketing Expert

Sarah is one of the most experienced consultants in this field in the UK today. After working as a Marketing Director for a Marketing Agency, responsible for maximum impact when pitching Agency proposals and services to clients, Sarah became interested in how people personally market themselves and the payback that can be achieved from getting this right. Sarah has since invested 10 years in learning every aspect of this field.

What Sarah has to say

"My passion for this subject is supported by the thousands of people I have helped over the years. Making a positive impact and feeling confident in our own skin is what we all aim to do but sometimes we find blind spots that get in the way and we need help in identifying and overcoming them.

The most successful individuals are those who are clear about what they stand for, who they are and the value they want to bring to everything they do.

I'm passionate about what I do and I enjoy the results that my clients are able to achieve as a result of time spent with me. Each person I meet leaves an impression on me, many of them keep in touch and share their personal and professional successes, I feel very privileged to be part of something that helps me to grow and learn as well."

  • Delivered keynote speeches to large conferences, e.g. to 3000 women at a Women At Work day.
  • Advised lawyers, surgeons, Accountants, Executive Directors, GPs, graduates and talent potential in blue chip companies, Senior Ministers of a Commonwealth country, and Television Presenters on maximising their impact.
  • Transformed the impact of sales teams e.g. engaging and advising technical employees who make high tech, high value sales on personal impact. This initiative enhanced company 'presence', both at an industry conference and at subsequent sales meetings, resulting in better company positioning and increased sales success.
  • Delivered cross-cultural training to enable UK employees of a Japanese company to understand and tailor their impact to make the best impression in both UK and Japanese business environments.
  • Worked with individuals and teens to help them create a 'look' that reflects their personality, and makes it easy for them to shop quickly and decisively and present themselves to best effect.
  • Provide individuals with practical tools, tips and ideas on managing the perceptions others have of them.
  • Work from a basis of understanding the person's values and give practical advice on how to align their initial impact with the long term impression they wish to create.
  • Help individuals to develop their personal image and their impact skills, by giving clear feedback about how to enhance the way they present themselves, including dress, handshake, eye contact, presentation and networking skills and how to upgrade their image in line with their business status.