This is a commodity that is growing in demand. The Oxford Dictionary definition is solemnity but in business it means status, self awareness and authority.  Those who have it exude it.  They do not need to explain themselves and they have integrity.

Gravitas is not something you are born with, but you can develop it.  There is no quick-fix for looking, sounding and acting with more authority.  But there are many tips and techniques which can help you project gravitas. Continue reading

Image Tips for Women – Jackets

A jacket adds instant polish to any outfit and can magically disguise figure flaws like no other garment. The jackets in your wardrobe should be seen as investment pieces and you should spend as much as you can afford to get the best possible fabric and cut for your body shape. Continue reading

Interesting Facts

The function of buttons on jacket sleeves
Have you ever asked yourself why there are buttons on the ends of jacket sleeves? According to information passed down through the ages, none other than Napoleon Bonaparte dictated that buttons be attached to jacket sleeves to stop the annoying habit soldiers had of wiping their runny noses on their jacket sleeves. Continue reading