Shirts & Ties

Shirts & Ties

A good shirt and tie combo looks fantastic!

I work with so many men every year whether it be on their personal impact, confidence, networking skills or presentation skills and I would say 75% of them tell me they exist entirely in white or blue shirts.

We ladies have long-since known that a man in an exquisite shirt and tie combo is a man who stands out for all the right reasons, so why do you men do it? Often, it is simply because they don’t know what else to do, how to put them together or just copy what others do. Come on chaps, let’s get a bit of interest in your look…

Register with the following shirt companies online and they will regularly send you not only details of their ranges with combination ideas but you will also be the first to hear about their sales. You know it makes sense!

TM Lewin
Charles Tyrwhitt
Thomas Pink
Joseph Turner
Hawes & Curtis
Savile Row Company

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