The short-sleeve Shirt Dilemma!

This is the time of year when men need to adapt their months of heavier suit wearing to a lighter version in order not to melt in the fabulous summer we are forecast!

But what about the shirt?

So many men adopt the short-sleeved shirt option for summer as it provides instant air access to their lower arms and saves the hassle or rolling up their sleeves 5 minutes after arriving at the office.

Please don’t do this chaps…your shirt is a visual symbol of your personal presence.  The short-sleeved shirt was originally brought into the workplace for the factory supervisor.  He was off the production line and into a supervisory role BUT when the line went down he still needed to get stuck in and help get it running again – hence the need to get in quick!

Whilst we’re on the subjects of shirts, the area around your throat is vitally important as it is part of your communication triangle.  If your shirt takes collar stiffeners please make sure you take them out (if they are removable) when you wash the shirt and replace them at the ironing stage.

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