Why making an impact in meetings is important

Meetings are an ideal forum for you to make an impact.

If you are running the meeting, make sure you send out an agenda prior to the meeting with date and time, subjects to be discussed, who will be attending and a clear objective of what the meeting is there to achieve.  This last point keepseveryone focused on the end result.  Make sure there are refreshments if it is going to be a lengthy meeting although an hour is the ideal length to keep people energised and interested.

In the same way you host a dinner party you should be aware of the individual needs of each person there.  Are they trying to speak, do they seem confused or disengaged and is there something you can do to bring them back on board?

If you are participating in the meeting, arrive a little early, this gives you the opportunity for small talk and if you are junior to the rest of the attendees allows you to strategically choose your seat.  Avoid saying nothing in a meeting, you will be remembered for not contributing or not remembered at all!

If you are confused by anything, wait for an appropriate in and then ask for clarification.  Not only does it put the spotlight on you for a minute, it also demonstrates you are listening and prepared to ask questions.

These of course are just a couple of useful tips, I hope they help.