Business image
Business image consultation

Enhance your professional image

  • Manage the perceptions others have of you
  • Personify your values through your non-verbal communication
  • Dress to impress!

You already know how important first impressions are, but do you know how to maximise your chances of making THAT first impression a GOOD one? Image and impact is critical as people subconsciously associate your visual impact with your abilities and values. This session allows you to work with an image expert who has advised people across all disciplines and all industries. You will be provided with advice that ensures your immediate physical impact supports your brand.

  • Defining the image you wish to present
  • Understanding the psychology behind appearance
  • Practical advice on how to align your initial impact with the long term impression you wish to create

As individuals we make reasonably accurate assessments of people from observing just a few seconds or a 'thin-slice', of their impact and behaviour. From the evidence gleaned in not much more than a few glances, we decide whether we are willing to make the effort to build a relationship with them. These early assessments set us on a certain course of assumption.

With so little time and so much to convey it is essential to work on the elements of your appearance, attitudes and body language to ensure that your 'thin-slice' truly reflects you.

  • The role of image in managing your reputation, your career and confidence
  • Stereotyping appearance - is this working for or against you?
  • Reflecting personal and corporate brand values through your appearance
  • The role of dress in creating a strong 'brand'
  • Removing 'distractors' that may raise questions about you and dilute the impact you make
  • Why colour matters and how people respond to it. How to use colour confidently rather than be 'safe' and merge into the background. How to use colour to hold others' attention and be memorable
  • What to wear and when - achieving maximum impact in any situation
  • Adjusting your formality, authority, impact and receptiveness through what you choose to wear
  • Communicating your brand message consistently through different dress codes - from board room to 1:1's, meetings, interviews, dress-down and business social events
  • Business casual dress down dilemmas