Male style/colour
Male style and colour personal consultation

Men are no different from women in their desire to look their best.

However, many men let their partners choose their clothes and are unsure how to reflect their personality through what they wear. Most men find shopping a chore, and have particular trouble bridging the smart-casual gap.

Maybe your style has become dated and predictable or you may just be at a point in your career where your appearance is on show more and therefore subject to regular scrutiny.

Whatever the reason, your appearance gives much away about you, your abilities, your salary level and your success. Make sure you are in control of those judgements.

A men's consultation combines colour, style, grooming and business image advice. Learn how to select shades that complement your natural colouring and which colour and pattern combinations to select for work and leisure wear. You will discover exactly what not to wear!

The aim is a more co-ordinated wardrobe, ensuring value for money for any clothing investments.

The consultation takes around two hours and includes colour swatches as well as a personalised style guide.

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