Networking skills
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Network your way to success

  • Up to 70% of roles are found through networking
  • Being well connected gives you an edge
  • Good networkers will tell you that up to 90% of their business or career moves come as a result of networking

The topic of networking is far reaching: it can help you to align your career goals with all other aspects of your professional world. It is increasingly expected of people that they will network effectively.

Networking - the proactive method of getting yourself out there - is what really fast-tracks your visibility. It may be the chance to give a presentation, meet influential people, share knowledge with your peers, impress stakeholders and so on.

Networking simply takes you to the opportunity, so that all of your skills, knowledge and technical competencies are given the opportunity to win the day.

  • What you want networking to do for you
  • Being clear about the value you bring
  • Communicating that value to others

Networking is a very important type of marketing for both business and personal success. As with any form of marketing, there is a skill to making it effective. Some people are born with the ability to schmooze others and cultivate personal brand advocates, but most of us have to learn how to network. This subject is designed to show you the many ways you can build rapport.

This can be delivered through 1:1 coaching, keynote presentations, half or full-day workshops.

  • Your reasons for networking
  • Being clear about your approach
  • Planning your map of stakeholders to get the job done
  • Understanding the need for a 60-second pitch
  • Designing your 60-second pitch
  • How to work a room like a professional and not a hunter
  • Building trust and rapport
  • Overcoming the fear of talking to people you don't know
  • Following up after an initial meeting - how to do it well