Personal branding
Developing your personal branding through workshops and presentations

Build your personal brand

  • Create a powerful impact
  • Define your marketable strengths
  • Fast track your career

Strong and successful brands stick in our minds. Which car manufacturer do you think of, which soft drink, which vacuum cleaner? A strong personal brand means that you are the person people think of when discussing the 'right person' for the job. The impression you make on others can have a powerful influence on the success of your career.

Develop your Personal Brand is designed to make individuals aware of their current impact, positive or negative and to work with them on a variety of techniques to improve their personal effectiveness and ultimately the success of their career prospects. Having highly impactful websites, brochures and offices is of no use if the brand ambassadors don't personify the mission and values of the business.

  • Strong communication skills
  • Confident body language
  • Appropriate attire

This module can be delivered through 1:1 coaching, keynote presentations or half and full-day workshops.

  • How people make judgements on what they see and experience of you
  • Make the right impression first and every time
  • Create an impact that impresses people
  • Sharpen your presentation skills
  • Use your voice more effectively and sound more influential
  • Ensure you wear appropriate attire
  • Create an image that conveys all you are capable of
  • Decipher dress codes and use the psychology behind them
  • Learn excellent body language skills