Presenting with impact
Sarah Setterfield / Impact for Success presentation seminars

Presenting with Impact

  • Deliver memorable and brilliant presentations
  • Get the reaction you want
  • Enjoy the experience!

For many people the thought of having to make a presentation of any type, whether impromptu, casual or formal, can fill them with absolute dread. Does the thought of standing in front of an audience do that to you?

Unfortunately in this day and age the reality is that regardless of your position, you will at some point be required to present information to others, whether to a couple of people or to a couple of hundred. You must be able to demonstrate confidence and clarity to deliver your message simply and well. In business; people are busy and they need to get that transfer of information quickly and succinctly.

  • More enthusiasm in your presentation delivery and clarity to your approach
  • More focus, logic and organisation of your content
  • How to engage and interact with your audience confidently

Sometimes public speaking is not easy but it can become much less daunting with ideas that help break down your fear and unleash the confidence in your subject. This workshop is unique in that it ties personal branding with your presentation message. Delivering with authenticity and sincerity is a vital element in presenting with confidence.

Presenting with Impact doesn't dwell on where you are now but helps you develop the tools, skills and confidence to deliver presentations that engage your audience, move people to action and reward you with points towards your reputation. There is an array of techniques included in the course to help you deliver dynamic, effective and enjoyable presentations.

Anyone who would like to make more effective presentations to peers, clients, customers, or senior management will benefit from this course. This may also be useful if you are job seeking and are likely to need to prepare presentations at interviews.

This module can be delivered through 1:1 coaching, in-house workshops or open workshops.

All delegates will receive a course journal for positive reinforcement of the skills learned.

  • Presentation goals
  • Great beginnings and powerful endings with a clear presentation structure
  • Correct use of PowerPoint
  • Injecting passion into presentations
  • Eye contact, body language and posture that complements your natural style
  • Anchoring your body to keep control of your nerves
  • Key elements of a compelling voice
  • Your Personal Brand and how it should support you in presentations
  • Building rapport with the audience
  • Powerful language
  • Tapping into needs and emotions
  • Using metaphors and stories